Spec-Fic Subgenres: Steampunk & Cyberpunk

I read my first steampunk book just a couple months ago. (Armored Hearts, by Pauline Creeden and Melissa Turner Lee if you really want to know.) Since then, the steampunk radar in my head goes off every time I pass a book cover with gears or cool goggles on it. Today we’re digging into steampunk and cyberpunk. While they both …

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Interview with Kirk Outerbridge

Welcome to another interview from over at Enjoy! Please Welcome…Kirk Outerbridge What a joy to have Christian speculative fiction novelist Kirk Outerbridge as our interview guest this month here at WhereTheMapEnds. I first encountered Kirk when he hired me to do some editorial work on a novel he had titled The Miracle Treatment. I found it to be a …

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