For Readers

Enclave is an imprint of Gilead Publishing. Our primary aim is to publish speculative science fiction and fantasy of interest to Christian adults and teenagers.

Many families consider our efforts to be a godsend because we provide the kind of fantastical fiction their kids crave from a Christian worldview.

Our Standards are High

If you’re concerned about the fantasy and science fiction we publish, and if perhaps you’re worried that we might take you or your child to someplace beyond the boundaries of biblical orthodoxy, allow us to reassure you.

All of the novels we publish are in some real sense Christian. They may not spell out the plan of salvation or show someone coming to Christ, but the Christian component will be there, and it will be real.

Each of our books is different. Some have heavy and explicit Christian content, such as the several we have that feature a future in which Christianity has disappeared and God is breaking back into that world (consider A Star Curiously Singing and The Word Reclaimed). In those cases, Christianity is the topic. Other books include Christian elements on the way toward their story and character goals. For instance, Hero, Second Class features a mysteriously appearing and disappearing priest who guides the characters at key moments.

We have no desire to lead readers anywhere but toward Christ and the ultimate redemption story. To the creative freedom that is every Christian’s birthright.

Our owner and publisher, Steve Laube, has been in the Christian book industry for over 33 years and was a Bible major at Grand Canyon University. The university’s school of theology recently honored him by placing him in their academic hall-of-fame. He teaches a Sunday morning adult class at his local church each week going through the Bible in chronological order. Every book he publishes is grounded and built on that foundation.

Our goal is to celebrate Christian creativity, take Christian readers to places they’ve never been before, and to use the magic of parables to remove us from the mundane world so we can see the themes and issues more clearly. This is Christian imagination at its finest. In few other activities do writers and readers come closer to understanding the creative power of God than when exploring these new realms created by Christian authors.

Our novels are mostly intended for Christian adults and older teens. However, our books are enjoyed by younger readers, as well, including some YA and preteen readers. We provide a wonderful alternative to the general market novels that these young people might otherwise be reading.