Enclave is the premier publisher of Christian speculative fiction. Whether it’s Christian science fiction you love, or fantasy, time travel, steampunk, alternate history, spiritual warfare, superhero, or technothriller—if it’s speculative and it comes from the Christian worldview, Enclave is the place to go. Enclave strives to get Christian speculative fiction directly into the hands of the fans who love and devour great stories.

An enclave is a group of like-minded people in a place where they are surrounded by those who are not like-minded. It is not a place to hide, instead Enclave is a place where authors and fans of Christian Fantasy and Christian Science Fiction can come together and then go out and make a difference through worlds of words. Our stories can seem strange but underneath they contain powerful expressions of Redemption, Truth, and Hope.

In 2016 Enclave Publishing was sold to Gilead Publishing and became an imprint of that larger organization. Books continue to be released under the Enclave imprint at a rate of one new title per month.

Our Biblical Theme Verse

Acts 17: 20 “You are bringing some strange ideas to our ears, and we would like to know what they mean.”

Our Publisher

IMG_8540 copy (2)Steve Laube, publisher of Enclave, is also president and founder of The Steve Laube Agency and a 36 year veteran of the book industry. He began his career in the bookselling arena and his store in Phoenix was named the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA) store of the year. He then spent 11 years with Bethany House Publishers rising to the position of an editorial director. In 2002 he was named the AWSA Golden Scroll Editor of the Year. The next year he became a literary agent and in 2004 formed The Steve Laube Agency. In 2009 he was named the ACFW Agent of the Year. In 2013 he was inducted into the Grand Canyon University Hall-of-Fame by their College of Theology.

Steve has very eclectic interests. As a literary agent he has represented everything from the sweet romance to the systematic theology. Over the years as an editor or an agent he has worked with many authors in the science fiction and fantasy genre like Karen Hancock, Kathy Tyers, Chuck Black, Patrick Carr, R.J. Larson, Randy Ingermanson & John Olson, Lisa Bergren, Tosca Lee, Bryan Davis, Donita K. Paul, Sharon Hinck, Carla Laureano, Morgan Busse, Nadine Brandes, and others.

The Enclave Publishing Story

Jeff Gerke 2012The vision for Enclave grew out of a frustration and a dream.

The frustration arose in founder Jeff Gerke’s mind during the years when he was editing fiction at traditional Christian publishing companies. Jeff loved the “weird” kind of fiction—fantasy, science fiction, time travel, supernatural thrillers, and the like. He’d even written some near-future technothrillers (under the pen name Jefferson Scott). But the companies he worked for—indeed, the entire Christian publishing industry—was not interested in weird.

And yet Jeff knew there were many other kinds of exquisite Christian fiction. He personally knew many of the novelists writing it, having met them through the years at writers conferences or in the acquisitions process. Yet there appeared to be little opportunity for these brilliant writers and their stories to have their chance to shine. Publishers who would take the occasional chance on a speculative fiction title would end up selling very few units, thus reinforcing their conviction that no one in the industry wanted this kind of book.

This frustrating state of affairs caused Jeff to begin dreaming of another ways to get these stories into the market. He was confident that there were thousands of readers out there who would enjoy Christian speculative fiction if only it was there and they could find out about it.

The frustration led to the dream, and the dream coalesced into an idea. And thus he formed Marcher Lord Press in 2008.

In late 2013, Jeff felt led to pursue his own editing work and his own writing. In a conversation with Steve Laube the possibility of passing the mantle was raised and eventually the sale was completed in January 2014. Later that same year Steve rebranded Marcher Lord Press into Enclave Publishing.