Mythological Creatures: Satyrs & Fauns

Okay, which would you rather be…half goat, or half horse? No, not like cool-centaur-person. I’m talking satyrs and fauns. I think you’ll be surprised to learn these mythological creatures have been confused and mixed up a lot more than they ought to be.


Satyrs aren’t just half-goat-guys. Roman mythology is what paints them as half goat (legs, tail, horns and ears) but the more accurate myths (accurate myths…? Is that an oxymoron?) come from Greek mythology portrays them with a horse’s ears and tail.

Satyrs are known to be pretty ugly and they’re girl-chasers. They’ll always fall for (and chase) anything with pretty eyes. Satyrs are also pretty intelligent, despite their love for drink, parties, and women.

Characteristics of satyrs

  • Love wine. A lot.
  • While they’re gluttonous drinkers, they do have quite a bit of knowledge.
  • Considered quite ugly and clumsy
  • Satyrs don’t really have a solid home, they just follow the wine god (Dionysus/Bacchus) around.
  • They have full man beards.
  • They dress in ivy head-pieces and wear animal skin and fur for clothing.



tumnus-the-chronicles-of-narnia-35011718-278-406Let’s clear something up, please: Mr. Tumnus is a faun, not a satyr. ‘Nuff said.

Fauns are quite different from satyrs. They’re not quite as womanizing or woman-obsessed as satyrs, but they’re a bit more foolish than satyrs when it’s all said and done. Fauns have a great sense of direction and will often guide a traveler on his way — if they like the traveler, that is. They are also known to instill fear in the wandering man traveling in remote or lonely places.

Interesting facts about fauns:

  • Fauns are inhabiters of the forest and can sometimes have the feet of a human instead of hooves.
  • They have natural horns (satyrs have to earn theirs)
  • Are considered attractive, and gentle
  • They have whispy little-boy beards.
  • Fauns are dancers and the flute-players
  • They wear wolfskin and protect cattle by chasing off the wolves.

Pan, the most famous faun, is also a healer. He will often give travelers dreams on how to heal a sickness they have encountered. He is also the protector of the woodlands, wild mountains, hunting, and shepherds with their flocks.



So I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer hanging with a faun over a satyr.


What are some books in which you’ve seen a faun or satyr?

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