Interview with Ronie Kendig

Today we have Ronie Kendig with us! Ronie is an award-winning, bestselling author who grew up an Army brat. After twenty-plus years of marriage, she and her hunky-hero husband have a full life with four children, a Maltese Menace, and a retired military working dog in beautiful Northern Virginia.

Since launching onto the publishing scene, Ronie’s Rapid-Fire Fiction has hit the CBA Bestseller list, won the prestigious Christy Award, the Inspirational Readers’ Choice Award, the HOLT Medallion Award, the Selah Award, and finaled in numerous other contests like Christian Retailing’s Reader’s Choice Award, the INSPY Awards, and more.

Please join me in welcoming Ronie!


1) Tell us a little about your books.

As a suspense author, I’ve become known for my Rapid-Fire Fiction trademark style that has loads of action and adventure, and that theme has carried into my speculative fiction with adventures and action throughout. Embers is my first speculative novel to be published, but I’ve been writing speculative since I first started writing and hope to keep publishing at least one speculative story each year.


2) What was your favorite book as a teen?

I stumbled upon Stephen Lawhead’s Search for Fierra in my very small private school library. I wasn’t really allowed to read speculative stories back then (long story behind that), but I savored every bit of that story.


3) What are your hopes for your future as an author?

My hope is to never lose sight of Whom I’m doing this for and that I could always pen stories that He can use to touch hearts and change lives.


4) Star Wars or Star Trek?

You know, there was a time I would’ve said Star Wars without hesitating, but with the advent of Chris Pine and Karl Urban in the new Star Trek, I am a Trekkie now. But don’t tell my husband, who lives/breathes Star Wars.


5) Soft shell or Hard Shell tacos?

Hard shell. I have issues with gluten and/or dense foods.


6) Favorite season?

Fall! Warm colors and clothes, and cool breezes. Nothing like it. And Pumpkin Spice lattes and pumpkin-chocolate chip bread loaves. MmmmMMMMmmm.


7) Do you have a particular drink or food you consume when you write? Like cocoa, raspberry tea, chocolate?

I’m normally drinking water, ice caramel macchiato, or skinny vanilla latte


8) Favorite color?

Green! Most shades except lime green.


9) Do you have a favorite Bible verse?

My life verse is Exodus 14:14 – He will fight for you; you only need be still.


10) Favorite dessert?



11) Do you listen to music while you write? If so what are some examples?

Yes! Because there are so many distractions in the house, I usually don my headphones and listen to musical scores. My favorite albums are by Two Steps from Hell, especially their newest, Battlecry, which is just exquisite. I normally won’t listen to albums with words while writing, and I choose albums to match the story.


12) Who would you most like to thank for their involvement in your writing career?

I think I can bullet-point this answer because there are a few:

  • Steve Laube – okay, this might be a cheating answer since Steve is my agent and publisher, but it was Steve who told me to read Kathy Tyers, who helped me see it was possible to write for God and still write fantastical elements in writing
  • John Olson – My advocate at a “young writing age,” John picked my space opera out of a contest and asked the coordinator for my information, so he could contact me. He championed my writing and my career, and helped me brainstorm my award-winning series, the Discarded Heroes. Mostly, I’m forever grateful for his gentle, caring influence in my formative writing years.
  • Tosca Lee – Tosca not only showed met hat prose could be beautiful in compelling, action-filled stories, but she has encouraged me and pushed me to do better, be better, and also be better to myself.


13) What have you learned about yourself through your writing?

I’ve learned that I’m much more of an introvert than I’d originally realized—and that’s okay. That I need my time to refuel and recharge after being around groups of people and in settings that are “high energy.” Figuring out how God made me—and that it’s not a bad thing to be introverted—has been both freeing and rejuvenating.


Thank you, Ronie, for joining us! And just in case you didn’t know, her first fantasy novel released today! Check out Embers here:

Here is where you can find Ronie online:


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