The Word Reclaimed (The Face of the Deep, Book 1)
$14.99eBook: $5.99
Series: The Face of the Deep
Genres: First Book in Series, Science Fiction
Publisher: Enclave Publishing
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 168370018X
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About the Book

Finders keepers. . .

Spare parts – that’s all Baden was looking for. Even then, whatever wrecks the pirates leave to rust in some corner of space are hardly worth the time he spends salvaging them. But a book? A Bible, no less? Now, that’s different.

The pages will bring a nice payout, with the content itself maybe more than nice. Baden had thought the secret police erased all trace of religion from the five colonies. But what if the find keeps him?

A talking book should be the least of Baden’s worries with the interstellar war storming. Should be. However, when the secret police are tipped off, reclaiming the Word that was abolished years ago, becomes a matter of afterlife and death.

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