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This week, we’re spotlighting Eternity Fallsby Kirk Outerbridge. It’s now FREE on both Kindle and iTunes!



About Eternity Falls:

The Undying Has Died

It wasn’t supposed to happen. People who took the Miracle Treatment weren’t supposed to die – ever. Especially not the famous movie star spokesperson for the Treatment. And yet, that’s exactly what’s happened.

The stunning starlet Greta Darling, who looked 22 but was really 89, has suddenly died. Of natural causes. Desperate to assure their billions of clients that the Miracle Treatment really does work, company executives call in private investigator Rick Macey. Macey’s job is to find out what really happened to Greta Darling-or, failing that, to simply come up with some other explanation for how she died.

Rick Macey is former military, and he’s got the bionic enhancements to show for it, and his own reasons for taking this case. Now he’s a detective specializing in religious counter-terrorism. Which is ironic, because Macey long ago lost his faith.

What exactly is so wonderful about living forever? Who is really pulling the strings here? What do the religious clues at the crime scene mean? And who will be left standing…when eternity falls?

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