Enclave Tournament of Legends Character Sheet

Hi everyone! Who’s ready for the battle of epic proportions? Here’s a list of the characters competing in this year’s tournament of legends.

First, the heroes:

Lohlyn is one of the feared Charab—a king’s assassin—but instead of using her fearsome skills to kill, she is now a secret protector. Don’t be fooled. She may look like a mere lady-in-waiting to the queen but there’s a sharp and deadly blade hidden in her robe. And she’s watching…everyone.


Princess Brierly is beautiful and Fairy-Gifted, but also…daft. When a prince finally comes and wakes her up with a kiss, she believes the rescue is just a dream.


Captain Glint Starcrost is a streetwise star pilot. He’s trigger happy with a high powered energy pistol called a DEMOTER. Glint is a survivor. He’ll fight dirty if he has to.


The RestorerSusan Mitchell is a beleaguered suburban mother of four, who dreams of doing valiant service for God (like the prophetess Deborah in Judges). After she’s pulled through a portal into another world, she discovers she has the signs of the promised Restorer that the clans are waiting for.


Edge of OblivionNavy Commander Jared Carter leads an interceptor crew that combats piracy in the galaxy, whether it be on land, in the vastness of space, or even underwater. Jared is resourceful, with a knack for turning overwhelming odds into a chance to live.


Parvin Blackwater is a young girl of impulse, doubts, and dreams, who’s determined to save lives and figure out her purpose in life before her Clock zeroes out.


Birdie is the young Songkeeper of Leira who hears the heart-melodies of every living thing and gives voice to the Song of the Master Singer – a melody that heals and restores, summons the waters to rise, and enables her to wield a special sword in battle.


Scarlet MoonJayden, aka Hidden Dagger, learned the art of fighting from a young age. Not only is she a master with her magical daggers, she can feel your emotions, and if you cross her, she’ll exploit them.


And now for the villains:


The Word ReclaimedDetective Chief Inspector Nikolaas Ryke is a zealous hunter of the faithful and a connoisseur of torture. He leads the Kesek secret police – and later, a terrorist cell – in his efforts to stomp out the faith.


FirebirdPhoena is the second daughter of the royal family of Netaia. She uses intimidation, flirtation, domination, secrecy, and bullying to fulfill her goals.


Abyddon is a supremely powerful super villain who can conjure destructive blasts and has a wide array of robot warriors who fight at his beck and call.


BeastTwo-Eyes, aka Lord Avery of Morshe, is a master huntsman who has tracked down every form of prey known to man in his insatiable craving for a challenge. He excels in the use of sword, long bow, and dagger, but is unmatched in his skill with a whip.


The Empress is a ruthless faery queen who harbours a bitter hatred of humans, and has decreed death to any faery who befriends them. She can deceive both faery and human minds with her cunning illusions, and her dark magic can force even the most reluctant faeries to do her bidding — which puts her at the head of a powerful magical army.


Esek Nathak is a pompous, temperamental usurper who still thinks himself king, even though everyone knows he’s a fraud. He is cruelly creative with any sharp object and trained in the magic of Black Knights.


Poired Dyrth is power hungry and omnipotent.


Daughter of LightCaleb Tala is a prince of the Temanin Empire and secret assassin for his cousin Lord Corin. He is ruthless and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. During war, he also acts as the lead interrogator for the Temanin forces.


Now, are you ready to vote? Here’s the link to the bracket. Have fun! http://woobox.com/e9jxag









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