Between the Lines: Agents of Shield

By Steve Rzasa Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. arrived on ABC in 2013, bringing the Marvel Cinematic Universe to television for the first time since the debut of the Iron Man movie five years earlier. Many viewers—even the diehard fans—agree the first half of Season One was rough, to the point a lot of people stopped watching. Those who stuck with …

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Between the Lines: Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge by Larry Correia

Larry Correia started a blockbuster series with the debut of Monster Hunters International. He hooks you from the first scene, and the blood-and-guts-soaked adventure does not let up. The series premise is simple: the U.S. government maintains a secret fund from which it pays bounties to private contractors in exchange for their elimination of monster threats. Throw in all manner …

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Beautiful Review of A Star Curiously Singing

E. Stephen Burnett has posted a tantalizing review of Kerry Nietz’s A Star Curiously Singing in the Speculative Faith library. Come to think of it, the story’s premise backfired in my mind and made me a bit suspicious of the story. A novel honestly exploring that just can’t be published, I thought. No one would be brave enough to explore the logical conclusions of …

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