Mythological Creatures: Vampires & Zombies

It’s rather popular to be undead right now. But not as a vampire (that’s so yesterday.) You, my friend, will reach utmost popularity if you are a zombie or, at least, a zombie-killer (better yet, an expert at zombie-apocalypse survival.) . Today, during your mythological creatures tour, please wrap a leather scarf around your neck (particularly your arteries and veins) and …

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We are all Zombies


I watched an episode of The Walking Dead the other night. The story was absolutely intriguing: what would the world be like if a disease turned almost everyone into zombies? The problem was, I couldn’t stomach the head shots or the body parts trailing behind the corpses. So I only ended up watching one and a half episodes. But it …

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Interview with James Scott Bell

Hi everyone! Today we have James Scott Bell with us. James Scott Bell is an award winning and bestselling author of a variety of books including historical fiction, suspense, and speculative, as well as books on the craft of writing. I could say more, but he already did in the questions below, so let’s get started with this interview! 1) …

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Zombies, Star Wars, and God

I watched an episode of “The Walking Dead” a couple weeks ago at the suggestion of a friend. “The Walking Dead” is a story centered on a handful of humans trying to survive in a world that has succumb to a disease that turns people into zombies. It’s graphic. It’s gory. And, strangely for me, it was very sad. Half …

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