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Enclave Publishing

Where Worlds Come to Life!

Enclave Publishing is a small independent press that is built around the power of great stories which explore the boundaries of the imagination, while championing powerful expressions of Redemption, Truth, and Hope. 

Are You Ready to Engage?

Our stories can seem strange to the uninitiated but they contain words...no, they contain worlds that have never been seen before and, in some cases, confront creatures of mysterious origins. Buckle up and hold on because we want to tell you a story

Recent Blog Posts

Ten Random Things about John W. Otte

Hey there, everybody. My name is John W. Otte, and I’m one of Marcher Lord Press’s newest authors. I wanted to take an opportunity to introduce myself to all of you. But rather than bore you with dry, biographical data, I thought I’d do something a little different. Here are ten facts about me, the first ten things that pop …

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Interview with R. E. Bartlett

Here is the next installment of past interviews with Christian speculative authors over at wherethemapends.com. Please Welcome…R. E. Bartlett (*Originally posted November 2008)   What a joy to have Christian speculative novelist R. E. Bartlett as our interview guest this month at WhereTheMapEnds.com. R. E. (Ruth) is a New Zealander living in the North Island. She has written many Christian speculative …

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God, the Author of our Lives

Hi, my name is Morgan L. Busse and I am one of the new authors here at Marcher Lord Press. I will be blogging about God, faith, and the speculative here on the new website. This first post I wrote back on January 1st, 2011. Much has happened to me since that day almost two years ago. But one thing …

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Interview with Mitchell Bonds

Twice a week, for the next several weeks, the original interviews with Christian speculative authors over at Wherethemapends.com will be reappearing here at the new Marcher Lord website. Enjoy! Please Welcome…Mitchell Bonds (*Originally posted October 2008)   What a joy to have Christian speculative novelist Mitchell Bonds as our interview guest at WhereTheMapEnds.com. Mitchell is an irrepressible young man with an …

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Fantastic Visions Friday – Frank Hettick

Every Friday, Marcher Lord Press salutes a Christian artist who creates amazing speculative worlds. Lovers of Christian speculative fiction do not restrict themselves to the amazing worlds depicted by talented authors. We gravitate as well to those artists who can, through their gifts of vision and art, show us worlds and beings we’ve never imagined. The artist whose gallery is …

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First Blog Post

Since 2007, when we started announcing Marcher Lord Press, and since October of 2008, when we actually released our first books, MLP has been—and remains—the premier publisher of Christian science fiction and fantasy books. In the years since then, the publishing industry has been turned on its head. The givens of the whole industry—the major players, the big bookstores, and …

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