Heavenly Mortal (Kingdom Wars Book 2)
$15.99eBook: $5.99
Series: Kingdom Wars, Book 2
Genre: Supernatural
ASIN: 1621840743
ISBN: 9781621840749

The war for heaven, between good and evil, has never ended . . .

Powerful and unseen, the forces of Lucifer execute their diabolical plots against humankind. And once again, Grant Austin finds himself caught up in an endless battle between faithful and rebel angels that tests his link to the supernatural realm, endangers his friends, and threatens his eternal destiny.

The world is rocked when a first-century manuscript surfaces . . . a gospel account by Jesus Himself. And then Jesus returns in the clouds, just as the Bible said He would. But Grant knows something isn't right. Can he save the world from the greatest hoax in history?

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