To Darkness Fled
$17.99 (pb) - ebook $5.99
Series: Blood of Kings, Book 2
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Enclave Publishing
Publication Year: 2013
ISBN: 9780982598702
About the Book

Achan, Vrell, and the Kingsguard Knights have fled into Darkness to escape the wrath of the former prince. They head for Ice Island to rescue two of Sir Gavin’s colleagues who were falsely imprisoned years ago. Darkness is growing and only one man can push it back.

Achan wanted freedom, not a crown. His true identity has bound him more than ever. He must learn decorum, wear fancy clothes, and marry a stranger. Achan knows one thing for certain.

He will not be a puppet prince. Either he will accept his role and take charge or he will flee. But which will he choose?

A Christy Award Finalist, 2011

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