Fall 2015 Releases

S.D. Grimm

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Enclave Publishing

S.D. Grimm

Where Worlds Come to Life!

Enclave Publishing is a small independent press that is built around the power of great stories which explore the boundaries of the imagination, while championing powerful expressions of Redemption, Truth, and Hope. 

Are You Ready to Engage?

Our stories can seem strange to the uninitiated but they contain words...no, they contain worlds that have never been seen before and, in some cases, confront creatures of mysterious origins. Buckle up and hold on because we want to tell you a story

Recent Blog Posts

Interview with S.D. Grimm

S.D. Grimm

Today we have one of our new Enclave authors with us, S.D. Grimm. S.D. Grimm loves reading and writing all types of speculative fiction, especially YA fantasy. Scarlet Moon, the first book in her YA fantasy series, Children of the Blood Moon, will be released in October 2016 from Enclave Publishing. She’s an editor at heart and does freelance work …

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Interview with Sharon Hinck

Today we have our own Sharon Hinck with us. Award-winning author Sharon Hinck writes “stories for the hero in all of us,” about ordinary women on extraordinary faith journeys. She has been honored with a Christy finalist medal, and three Carol awards for her novels. Sharon’s undergrad degree is in education, and she earned an M.A. in Communication. She has …

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Interview with Ralene Burke

Ralene Burke

Today we have fantasy author and freelance editor Ralene Burke with us. Born this side of a miracle (check out the full story at her website www.raleneburke.com), Ralene Burke grew up with a love for the supernatural side of God. Her passion spills over into her writing as she spins fast-paced tales of angels and demons, fantasy worlds, and the …

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Mythological Creatures: Orcs & Cyclopes

Which would you rather be: A one-eyed metalworker? Or cannibal? 😛 Today’s mythological creatures talk is on Cyclopes and Orcs. Enjoy. 😛   Cyclops In short, Cyclopes are moody giant-like creatures who have only one eye and are skilled mason-workers. Yeah, I didn’t know about the skilled mason-worker thing, either. Cyclopes tend to live in caves and the most famous cyclops was Polyphemus, who …

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Interview with Melanie Dickerson

Today we have award-winning author Melanie Dickerson with us. She is best known for her historical novels based on the retelling of famous fairy tales. Melanie earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama and has taught students with special needs in Georgia and Tennessee. She has also taught English to adults in Germany and Ukraine. Dickerson won the …

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