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Enclave Publishing

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Enclave Publishing is a small independent press that is built around the power of great stories which explore the boundaries of the imagination, while championing powerful expressions of Redemption, Truth, and Hope. 

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Our stories can seem strange to the uninitiated but they contain words...no, they contain worlds that have never been seen before and, in some cases, confront creatures of mysterious origins. Buckle up and hold on because we want to tell you a story

Recent Blog Posts

Interview with Kathy Tyers

Please welcome Kathy Tyers! Kathy’s first science fiction novel was published in 1987, and she has been at it ever since. She has been accused on two counts of writing Star Wars novels (and pleads guilty on both counts), but she also likes being known for her original “Firebird” series. Volumes 1-3–Firebird, Fusion Fire, and Crown of Fire–are also published …

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Mythological Creatures: Elves & Dwarves

The final Hobbit movie released, so this month we’re going to tackle the mythological creatures of elves and dwarves. Elves There are numerous forms of elves: tall, lithe, “High Elves” (Lord of the Rings), cliche tiny singing elves (Santa), house-elves (Harry Potter), etc. We can’t tackle them all in one post, but it’s important to understand that the defining characteristics of elves differ depending …

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Interview with Steve Rzasa

Hi everyone! Today we are interviewing our own Steve Rzasa. Steve was born and raised in South Jersey, and fell in love with books—especially science fiction novels and historical volumes—at an early age. He earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism from Boston University’s College of Communications in 2000, and then spent seven years as a reporter and assistant editor at …

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Mythological Creatures: Phoenix vs. Thunderbird

Fantasy is filled with mythological creatures. But how well do we really know them? Who, off the top of their head, can define the difference between phoenix and a thunderbird? . No one? Okay, then let’s start a new blog series on . . . you guessed it. Mythological creatures! . Phoenix If you’ve read Harry Potter, then you have a good …

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Interview with DJ Edwardson

Join me in welcoming DJ Edwardson! DJ Edwardson’s favorite authors are J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. He likes to think that authors who use their initials are better writers but he can’t actually prove it. Although much of what he writes falls in the science fiction and fantasy genres, he likes to call his work “imaginative” fiction and often incorporates …

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