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Enclave Publishing is a small independent press that is built around the power of great stories which explore the boundaries of the imagination, while championing powerful expressions of Redemption, Truth, and Hope. 

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Our stories can seem strange to the uninitiated but they contain words...no, they contain worlds that have never been seen before and, in some cases, confront creatures of mysterious origins. Buckle up and hold on because we want to tell you a story

Recent Blog Posts

Jill and John at Salt Lake Comic Con

By Jill Williamson John W. Otte and I had never attended a comic con in our lives—let alone gone as panelists! But we managed to get ourselves on the panelists list for the second Salt Lake Comic Con, which in just two years, quickly became the third biggest con in the nation.   I’ve attended a lot of conventions, mostly …

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Spec-Fic Subgenres: Superheroes & Fairy Tales

There are heroes…and then there are superheroes. There are tales…and then there are fairy tales. What do superheroes and fairy tales have in common? They’re both awesome subgenres of speculative fiction, of course! And we’re going to dig into them today. Superheroes The subgenre of superhero fiction falls under the fantasy side of speculative fiction, but it can really flit into the science-fiction genre depending on …

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Interview with L.B. Graham

Welcome to another speculative author interview here at Enclave Publishing. Today we have L. B. Graham with us. L. B. Graham is the author of The Binding of the Blade, a five book fantasy series, the first of which, Beyond the Summerland, was a Christy Finalist in 2005. He writes fantasy/sci-fi and contemporary adult fiction. He teaches Worldviews and serves …

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Why I Write Christian Speculative Fiction

I never set out to write Christian fantasy. In fact, I wasn’t sure what place that kind of book had in this world. Sure, there was Lewis’ Narnia series and Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. But with all the controversy over Harry Potter years ago, I didn’t know what to think. I read Star Wars, Terry Brooks, and such, but …

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