Gilead Publishing Acquires Enclave

Christian fiction publisher Gilead Publishing has just acquired Enclave Publishing as its science fiction and fantasy imprint. This is an exciting new opportunity for Enclave as it will allow us to continue to promote excellent science fiction and fantasy and extend our reach in the Christian market. Visit Publisher Steve Laube’s website to read a personal note about the sale.


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Spec-tacular Imprint Opens Realms of Possibilities

April 25, 2016

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(Wheaton, Illinois) The force is strong as Gilead Publishing acquires Enclave Publishing, the premiere publisher of science fiction and fantasy from a Christian perspective, and welcomes an imprint with a realm of possibilities.

Despite the changing of hands, Enclave Publishing won’t stray from its galaxy far, far away as Enclave Publisher Steve Laube will oversee the imprint.

President and Publisher Dan Balow says, “Adding the Enclave imprint and titles to Gilead was an easy decision. It represents an expanding of boundaries ​for what constitutes Christian novels. Also, retaining Steve Laube as the publisher maintains legitimacy for the imprint and to the company in general. Not many people can say they have read thousands of books in a certain category, but Steve can when it comes to the Sci-fi and fantasy genres.”

Laube comments, “I have long believed that this genre is unique in its ability to tell ‘Fantastic’ stories of philosophical and theological depth. This new partnership will give these books the support they need to reach new and, hopefully, ravenous readers.”

Ravenous indeed. Gilead is set to release 8 titles from the Enclave imprint for Summer and Fall 2016.

There is no dark side to this partnership.


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  1. Stephen May 1, 2016 at 1:51 pm #

    Congrats guys!

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