Halo of Brimstone (Kingdom Wars Book 3)
$15.99eBook: $5.99
Series: Kingdom Wars, Book 3
Genre: Supernatural
ASIN: 1621840751
ISBN: 9781621840756

This war is just getting started . . .

Having thwarted a rebel angel Spectacle designed to kill a woman and child, Grant Austin finds himself being stalked by the notorious Nosroch, and he is swept back into action.

Israeli Special Forces commando Rogan Dorn captures three demons during a daring raid, but not before they kill two members of his team. Empowered with Nephilim skills by the legendary ring of King Solomon, he goes after the being he believes is responsible for their deaths—rebel angel Nosroch.

A showdown looms as time-hardened battle lines are blurred, pitting friend against friend, and Grant is plunged into another Spectacle—but this time it's one he helped plan.

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