The Fifth Man
$18.99 (pb only)
Authors: ,
Series: Oxygen, Book 2
Genre: Science Fiction
ASIN: 1935929534
ISBN: 9787935929536
About the Book

Valkerie Jansen is tough, beautiful, and being pursued by every man on the planet. Literally. The planet in question is Mars, with a total population of four. 

When Valkerie discovers evidence of past life on Mars, she becomes an instant celebrity on earth. After she comes down with a mysterious infection, NASA worries that it’s not safe to bring the crew back home. 

Then Valkerie is attacked by someone — or something — that can’t possibly exist. Everyone but crewmate Bob Kaganovski thinks she’s hallucinating — and even Bob seems to be wavering. 

Is Valkerie’s “fifth man” real? If not, then who or what is trying to kill the crew? 

About The Book

The Fifth Man is the sequel to Oxygen — a witty, multi-award-winning roller coaster ride, with a plot that moves at the speed of light and enough geek romance to set your Bunsen burner ablaze. 

If you’ve ever wanted to drive a Mars rover, experience love on an alien planet, or ferret out which of your friends is trying to kill you, then check out The Fifth Man. 

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