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Never to Live CoverToday we are interviewing Just B. Jordan. Just B. Jordan is the author of Never to Live, the latest release at Marcher Lord Press. Now, onto the interview!

Q: What are some of the strongest influences on your writing?

Novel wise I would say Ted Dekker and maybe Frank Peretti. I never intended it, but my style ended up being a little different and a little dark, kind of like some of their works. I have been told by several people that my writing almost feels like certain kinds of anime (the good kinds. As with everything, there are a lot of bad kinds out there too). A little different, psychological and layered, with a heart to it that “stays with you”. After hearing that I realized it was true. Different aspects of anime had strongly influenced my writing.


Q: How do you write? What’s a normal writing day like for you?

Sometimes I go for weeks without writing and think on the story. When I start seriously writing it almost becomes on obsession. I don’t notice when my music shuts off, and I forget to eat. Sometimes I have to set a really loud alarm to catch my attention if I have work or someplace to go. I’ve pulled a few 10-12 hour writing days with only two or three short breaks. Not a good idea.


Q: What was your favorite book as a teen?

I think that would have to be The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers. The way some characters rise and others fall over the course of the story is absolutely amazing. And I guess Hadassah became one of my role models. Funny how most of my role models are fictional characters.


Q: Describe your feelings when you opened the box and saw the first published copies of your very first book?

I was very excited for a moment, seeing it all together and under a real cover. That’s when I thought, “Oh no. This means anyone can read it now.” I’m a huge introvert, so the experience was almost more horrifying than exciting. Then I was just happy. It felt good to see that it was finally finished and have a kind of hard proof in hand that I had accomplished something.


Q: Do you have a particular drink or food you consume when you write? Like cocoa, raspberry tea, chocolate?

I usually have a pot of tea on my desk, or a cup of coffee. The type of tea always varies, but I like greens and whites best.


Q: Favorite color?

My favorite colors are blues and greys, but I also like dark browns and reds.


Q: Do you listen to music while you write? If so what are some examples?

I usually turn on music when I sit down to write. I mostly put on movie and game scores; things without words or in another language. Some of my favorites are the Gladiator soundtrack, Audiomachine, the Chrono Trigger soundtrack, songs from Skyrim, scores by Nobuo Uematsu, The Piano Guys, and the Calling All Dawns album by Christopher Tin. I like a lot of artists.


Q: Does anyone else in your family have musical/writing/artistic skills?

Almost everyone in my family is musical. We all sing, my brothers both play several instruments, and some of my family writes music. My mum used to write poetry and short stories, and my little sister is getting really good at making fancy sweets. My family has always been pretty artistically inclined.


Q: What is your favorite thing you have ever written?

That’s a bit of a secret for now. My current plan is for it to be book #3 in the world Never To Live is in. #2 has to come first because it acts as a bridge and introduces things #3 pivots around. I will say it involves the largest core cast of characters I have ever found in one of my stories, almost all of them are children, and although it’s a fantasy it has some sci-fi elements to it. And of course it’s a little strange. I had a lot of fun writing what I have on it so far.


Q: Who would you most like to thank for their involvement in your writing career?

That would be my little brother. He lets me use him as a soundboard, even if it means staying up until stupid-a.m. hashing over plots and characters. He enjoys the same types of stories as I do, so he doesn’t think I’m crazy. And he’ll give me his honest opinion. If something doesn’t work, he points it out. If he thinks an idea is silly, he’ll tell me. And if he has a brilliant idea that I probably never would have come up with on my own, he lets me use it and won’t sue me in the future. I hope. Haha.


Thank you, Just B. Jordan, for stopping by. Here is where you can find her online:


Facebook, Goodreads, Instagram, and Pinterest: Just B. Jordan

Twitter is @JBJNovels

And don’t forget to check out her book!

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